The RESET PROJECT has been specifically tailored for IPP/LIFER/EPP clients.

The initial focus  for this project was for Lifers and IPP clients. This comes from attending focus groups and close working with this co-hort. Preparing for D Cat and release provides a huge emotional change, along with those recently recalled. They can feel isolated and overwhelmed by the feelings these situations bring out, so we intend to support them through this process prior to release, transfer to D-CAT or upon recent recall, dependant on the needs of the individual.

The workshops are based around self-care and emotional well-being and managing change. These will empower clients to manage their own personal well being, by raising awareness and introducing tools to help themselves and the confidence to access and engage with external support.

Feedback has also suggested the work shops addressing Preparing for Release and Preparing for D CAT are in demand. These are to primarily support the cohort into managing their expectations and identifying fears regarding the change in environment and responsibility. 

Both these are key in reducing the emotional impact both situations may hold and therefore decrease the risk of re-offending or return to closed conditions.

Following on from this, clients may access one to one therapy for up to 12 weeks. The majority of IAPT services can only offer 4 weeks and we feel this is not enough for our clients, in addition to the increased demand and waiting list from local community services. Although there is some provision within the prison setting, it has been found that these clients may not meet the requirements of the services. We aim to provide counselling for both the immediate needs of a client’s current situation, predominantly parole, but also more historical issues where relevant.

All workshops can also be tailored and delivered to all serving prisoners, dependant of the needs of the establishment.

I am an approved supplier under the new DBS commissioning portal under 'Resettlement'.