About me


Marisa Swingler

Qualified Counsellor and Facilitator 

I am a fully qualified counsellor and a member of the BACP and Accredited Member NCS. I have been client focused for over 10 years including job coach, psycho-social practitioner, family worker and IAPT Counsellor.

I have specialised in addiction and family work, having delivered therapeutic programmes and written workshops.

I wrote and delivered the RESET Project at HMP Elmley last year in a 6 month pilot.

I feel passionately about personal learning and development. Through my work and training have recognised how important self care and self awareness is. I also felt many training programmes and workshops offered very similar 'corporate' style training with very little heart. 

Team building has become about outdoor pursuit , with very little focus on actually understanding each other and ourselves.

My workshops have been written developed through learning and experience. I have worked in welfare, prisons and for charities, building up a solid foundation in client work - first hand.