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  • Self care and well-being

  • Working with challenging clients

  • Managing change

  • Effective communication

Half day workshops for up to 12 people.

Mix and match programmes to meet your needs

Suitable for both staff and clients

Additional bespoke workshops for HMP's

Welcome to MC Counselling and Training,

Kent based provider, offering a selection of workshops and private therapy.

Both individuals and companies are aware of the importance of good mental health and how raised self awareness can benefit us, both personally and professionally. This is why I am offering a new approach to workshops and due to COVID - 19 can now offer remote therapy and support.

For individuals

  • I am a qualified counsellor and member of the BACP. and Accredited Member NCS offering one to one support via phone/video and face to face (with recommendations in place)

For public and private sector - currently suspended

  • I am an approved provider for DBS (MOJ)  offering bespoke services for prisoners including a variety of workshops under the 'RESET Project'

  • I am currently running a selection of 4 half day workshops. They can also be run as day programmes, combining 2 of your choice

Private and Public Sector Training
Offering businesses the opportunity to develop their staff and clients through a variety of workshops.
Professional Development

Offering trainee counsellors and individuals workshops to learn and develop their own skills.

Personal Therapy

Fully qualified BACP offering one to one counselling including walking - talking therapy